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Africa provided four Test matches last Saturday, including South Africa versus Argentina in their start of the southern hemisphere Rugby Championship, and three contests in the Africa Gold Cup.

In the Cup finale, two undefeated sides, Namibia and Kenya, both at 4-0. battled for the qualifying spot in the Rugby World Cup 2019 in Japan. Namibia won 55-28 to advance into their sixth RWC where they will play in Pool A along with New Zealand, South Africa, and Italy.

The fifth and last RWC 2019 Pool A team will emerge from this November's repechage event in Marseille, France. Already slotted are Canada, Hong Kong, and Germany. Kenya will be the fourth fifteen. 

Two other Tests in Africa ended the Gold Cup series with Zimbabwe defeating Uganda 38-18 to finish third. Tunisia beat Morocco 36-13, relegating Morocco to the Africa Silver Cup next year.

In the big game on the continent, the Springboks fell behind 14-10 at halftime but rallied for four tries in the second period to win 34-21. These teams move to Argentina this week.


I am fascinated at how you came to the conclusion that Zimbabwe - netting 8 points with a record of one win, three losses, and one draw - took third place in the competition over Uganda and Tunisia, both of whom finished 2-3 with 9 points. You could actually look this stuff up on the internet before you write your articles. I don't know why you so rarely do. While you're at it, you might also note that Namibia and the Repechage team will be competing in Pool B, not Pool A.