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Voldemort vaulted to the front of the class in the's Rugby World Cup.

He (or she) did this by getting the closest pick in the France v Wales semifinal, a game most contestants had picked for Wales. And Voldemort was also right on New Zealand.

Closest with the NZ v. Aus semi was scrumtrixie, but a rough quarterfinal round kept scrumtrixie tied for 3rd.

Our top 16:

Voldemort     34
jsmarsh          32
Chocolate Thunder 26
scrumtrixie    26
RURUGBY     24
bcrugby       24
Clifton          20
Kogalo          16
Bruce McLane 16
Josh Macy        16
HeavnerG          16
NolaDirt             12
Rex                    12
mcfaddeninsurance 12
Hinkin                  12
Linda                  12

Everyone's still in it! Points get bigger for the final.

Go here to enter for the 3rd/4th match and the final!