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Samoa, as predicted, qualified for the Rugby World Cup 2019 by defeating Germany away 42-28. Samoa won both matches, achieving a 108-42 points total.

Germany led at the half, but Samoa rallied in the second period.

In the November repechage tournament to be played in Marseille, France for the final slot, three nations are confirmed: Germany, Canada, Hong Kong, with the fourth spot to be filled by the second-place finisher in an August, Africa qualifying event (probably, Kenya).

Samoa had lost in the Oceana tournament to Fiji and Tonga and needed to win this Europe/Oceania two-game contest to avoid the repechage. Samoa played in seven of eight World Cups, not qualifying in the first one in 1987. They have reached past RWC quarter final rounds twice, in 1991 and 1995. They show a 12-14 RWC record, including two wins over Wales.

In the current format of four RWC pools of five teams each, a country like Samoa needs a major upset over a higher-ranking nation to go 3-1 in preliminary pool play and advance into the eight team quarters. However, in RWC 2015 when Japan went 3-1, they failed to move forward as South Africa and Scotland both attained a similar 3-1 pool result with a higher point differential.

Germany advanced further than ever before in RWC qualification, a positive result for confidence building in the future.



Replace Samoa with Germany. Samoa qualified for RWC 2019 into Pool A with the wins against Germany, while Germany advances to the repechage with pretty strong chances, if Hans Wild sticks with them for funding.
You're getting all of these details wrong on purpose, right? You've got to just be trolling. As Eric Miller said, Samoa qualified for the World Cup, and it is Germany who will play in the Repechage. But also: Samoa did not fail to qualify in 1987, the tournament was invitation only and they were not invited; Samoa's RWC record is 12-16, not 12-14; Japan's failure to advance in 2015 had nothing to do with points differential, but with bonus points; while Germany has indeed advanced further than they ever have before, it is not necessarily a great achievement as it came only through Romania and Spain being disqualified - though obviously winning the Repechage would be a massive step forward for them.
As cool as it would be to see a new team join the RWC, I hope Canada advances. Their decline will not help US rugby. Europe doesn't need more competitive teams, the Americas does.