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Germany Defeat Chile in Semis (photo credit: Martín Seras Lima)

A secondary tournament took place in Hong Kong this past weekend, a Men’s event for a new sevens qualifying team in the HSBC World Rugby circuit in 2017-2018. The winner, as anticipated, were Spain, which defeated Germany 12-7 in the Cup final.  Spain had been the last Men’s team to qualify in the 2016 Rio Olympics, winning that berth in Monaco two months prior to the August games.

Spain beat Papua New Guinea 21-12 in the semis, while Germany defeated Chile 19-7.

Germany have demonstrated a renewed interest in rugby, as indicated by their second place sevens showing in Hong Kong, and also by their improved fifteen's play in the Tier 2 European Championship, won by Georgia.

Of note was the second time that Uganda appeared at a major sevens event, the first being Cape Town. The Uganda players are tall and muscular, but need additional sevens seasoning to compete at the Tier 2 level.

Spain will take the place of the core team that finishes last in the 2016-2017 event, which will be moving to Singapore next week for the 8th tournament. Currently, Japan linger at the bottom of the standings, eight points behind Russia with three events remaining (i.e.; Singapore, Paris, and London).