You are here has learned that the International Rugby Board may change the status of Saturday's USA v. Canada Pacific Nations Cup game to a full-cap rankings test match.

The game had been schedule for months as a non-cap game, because it falls outside the normal test match window. Currently the Northern Hemisphere has a test window in February and March, used by the Six Nations and similar European competitions, June and July, used by everyone, and November, used by everyone.

Games that fall outside those windows are usually not listed as full test-matches. However, the IRB is eager to ensure the legitimacy of the Pacific Nations Cup by having all of the games in the competition be full-rankings tests. All will be, except this weekend's USA v. Canada game.

It's unclear how USA Rugby and Rugby Canada feel about this. In one sense, they will be pleased - certainly USA Rugby CEO Nigel Melville has long been campaigning for a spring window that doesn't clash with prime club-rugby time (March).

However, this is late notice, and both the USA and Canada have been approaching this weekend's game as a non-test. Certainly they would have liked some advance notice.