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The International Rugby Board is considering an idea to include coach challenges and television match officials to help decide questionable tries in the IRB Sevens World Series.

The idea was proposed by USA Head Coach Al Caravelli. (Note: change from original article - there had been discussion regarding a challenge flag such as used in the NFL. That part is not, at present, under consideration by the IRB)

What is under consideration is to have the game referee act as his own Television Match Official to confirm the scoring of a try. On a case of a try in doubt, the referee would then watch replays on the jumbotron at the stadium scoreboard, giving fans the opportunity to see what the referee is seeing.

The ref would then make the call.

Caravelli also proposed that fans should be allowed a non-binding vote on the call, which they could record using their cell phones.

The IRB is reportedly considering the suggestions.

How much would you pay to vote via text on a try call?