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The Maccabi USA rugby team defeated Canada 38-3 in their first 15s game of the Maccabiah Games.

The USA already won the Gold Medal in 7s.

The result eliminates Canada from the possibility of playing in the semis, as they already lost 55-0 to Great Britain on Friday. That means the big game for the USA is Tuesday against Great Britain. The winner will win Pool A, although both will still advance to the semifinals.

In Pool B, things are very interesting as Israel and South Africa tied, setting up a battle between those two teams and Australia for the top two spots. Chile lost to Australia 60-0 and are not expected to contend.

South Africa has for years been considered the favorite in this event, winning Gold five times in the previous seven occasions rugby has been held at this, the Jewish Olympics.

The only times South Africa did not win are 1997, when the USA upset them, and last time, 2009, when Australia won the top prize. The only other country to medal in rugby 15s at every Maccabiah Games since 1985 is the USA, which has won three bronze Medals, three Silvers, and one Gold.

Sad news at this last game, however, when Aaron Davis broke his ankle. The talented Santa Monica star was expected to be a crucial part of the USA’s fortunes.

Results so far:

Pool A
Australia 60-0 Chile
Israel 13-13 South Africa

Pool B
Great Britain 55-0 Canada
USA 38-3 Canada

Upcoming Games

July 23
Pool A
Israel v Chile
Australia v South Africa

Pool B
USA v Great Britain

Pool A W L T Pf Pa Pd
Great Britain 1 0 0 55 0 55
USA 1 0 0 38 3 35
Canada 0 2 0 3 93 -90

Pool B W L T Pf Pa Pd
Australia 1 0 0 60 0 60
Israel 0 0 1 13 13 0
South Africa 0 0 1 13 13 0
Chile 0 1 0 0 60 -60