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Days before playing for the Premiership title for the second year in a row, Saracens announced the re-signing of several players, including Eagles Hayden Smith and Chris Wyles.

“I have never been happier in my career,” said Wyles. “There is a special plan at this club, and I am very pleased to be part of that plan.”

Wyles is set to make his 50th appearance for Saracens in Saturday’s Avivia Premiership final against Leicester, and his re-upping with the club was the first of 10 announced.

Smith, who has been on the pitch less consistently for the Sarries, due to injuries, is also extending his stay with the St. Albans club.

“I am very happy to have signed a new contract with the club, and the words of former New York Yankees manager Joe Torre spring to mind. ‘It's like winning an Academy Award,’” Smith said. “‘They can't ever take it away from you. You've done something to warrant being something special.’”

The terms and length of the contracts are currently unknown.