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Having won two pool matches by large margins, Canada is in excellent position to win Pool B at the Pan-Am Games.

They toasted Brazil 45-0 and then did much the same against Chile, 35-7.

Scrumhalf and playmaker Phil Mack simply has had to float back and forth looking for big runners coming in at pace, and the tries have come.

“We’ve put a lot of hard work in these last seven days,” said Mack. “Now we’re just trying to make it work.”

Two-thirds of the team are 15s players just off the World Cup. Mack has said that won’t make a difference. Turns out he’s right.

“The majority of the guys who came in are pretty experienced in the 7s circuit. It didn’t take them long to get started going again,” he explained. “We have a pretty good balance right now between skill speed and strength.”

And that leads to tries and turnovers as well.

“We’ve got some big strong guys who like the physical part of the game, so if people want to run at us we’re happy,” Mack said.

Next up is the USA, which has looked vulnerable, to say the least. The Eagles might well drop to third if they lose badly to Canada, and Brazil beats Chile. However, that’s unlikely. And even though the Eagles haven’t played particularly well, this game is still winner takes 1st place.

“You don’t need much to get motivated for those games,” said Mack. “I imagine it will be a pretty hard-fought contest.”