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We're halfway through the Pacific Rugby Premiership season, and here's our Backs portion of our Mid-Season All-PRP Team.

9. Mose Timoteo, SFGG. Some good work this season by Crawford Miller of Glendale, Rainer Ball of Belmont Shore, and Will Jennings of Denver, but Timoteo is the man, still. If Dustin Muhn gets more time playing scrumhalf for Olympic Club things might change – he was electric in his one game there.

10. Zach Pangelinan, OMBAC. Really there can't be any doubt here. Pangelinan leads the league in points by a wide margin. He can run, kick, kick for points, and direct the offense. Even so, it is very, very difficult to leave Mike Graham off this list, and it might be he doesn't make it because he has more weapons out wide, and thus doesn't run as much. Pangelinan is also in line for Zach of the Year, but Fenoglio is coming on strong.

11. Dave Martini, Santa Monica. Exciting runner, also a hard-hitting athlete with a nose for the tryline. That's a wing, right?

12. Justin Pauga, Glendale. The Raptors' bull-charging inside center is the only player they have of this kind in the backs. Everyone else is lanky and smooth-running. It's up to Pauga to get things rolling. And he does. Michael Haley of Olympic Club, Mile Pulu of SFGG, Damian Fatongia of OMBAC, and Ed Pitts of Belmont Shore also have played well.

13. Chad London, Glendale. We could have gone with SFGG's Samisoni Pone, but London is an exciting runner and understands how the game works, and can be an extra flyhalf on the field.

14. Preston Bryant, Glendale. A big, rangy wing with all sorts of potential and one of those people keep asking, why isn't be on the radar for one of the USA teams? Shane Moise, Andre Coquillard and Brian Barnard could have been here, too, but Bryant has been the most consistent.

15. Max de Achaval, Denver. This is a difficult position in part because there have been some very good players at this position, from Mike Te'o to Ian Denham to Dustin Croy to Tai Enosa to Dustin Muhn. We almost picked Muhn here, and we almost picked Enosa. In the end, though, de Achaval's poise on defense and his ability as an attacker and as a distributor puts him over the edge.