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Several Eagles suffered injuries while in Las Vegas. All but two are back and healthy for selection for the Hong Kong/Tokyo stretch of the World Series starting March 22.

Jack Halalilo took a blow to the head that sidelined him for the end of the Vegas tournament, and the right side of his face was very swollen hours after the conclusion of play. Luckily, he didn’t suffer any long-term damage.

Colin Hawley, Blaine Scully, Luke Hume and Folau Niua all either suffered some degree of injury in Vegas or were playing with one the whole time. But they all made it out OK and are training.

"Blaine’s been managing another injury, but he’s been training through it doing a great job," said coach Alex Magleby, "and Dru as well, and Folau’s actually practicing now. Remember, Folau had those two injuries, so he really didn’t practice before we left for Wellington."

The two contracted players not available for selection are Maka Unufe and Nate Augspurger, who saw their World Series seasons ended in Vegas. Augspurger broke his leg playing with the Falcons in the LVI and Unufe suffered a knee injury. Both are on a similar time table of about three months, and both could conceivably make it back in time for the World Cup in July.

Sans Augspurger and Unufe, the Eagles are more healthy now than they were before Wellington and Las Vegas, when Durutalo, Scully and Niua were all coming off of bad injuries.