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And that's just what they are, rumors. We have no confirmation on most of the short list, but we have enough multiple sources that we feel confident putting the list out for our subscribers:

These are, as far as we know, the individuals who interviewed for the job with USA Rugby CEO Nigel Melville:

Waisale Serevi. The head of Serevi Rugby and the all-time greatest 7s player is putting his organization forward as a potential coaching team.

Matt Hawkins. Another Serevi guys as well as current USA captain. He could be an attractive candidate because he has the Serevi connection, but the Southern California roots. Will he have to give up playing?

Craig Hartley. The former OMBAC 7s coach who has assisted with the USA, and been somewhat quiet since all-star 7s rugby went by the wayside.

Tony Pacheco. The All American Head Coach probably figured that this opportunity would come after the 2016 Olympic Games. He's certainly got his hand in the development pipeline.

Al Caravelli. Sources say he is looking at it, but the same issues that he had to deal with before - a demanding day job - still exist.

James Walker, one of the top candidates we discussed before, did not, in the end, apply.

Whoever is picked (and it still might be someone other than this group) will have to quickly establish what he's good at, and where he needs help. It would help to open up the selection process - not so much in casting a wide net, but in making it understandable to everyone. And what sort of training and team development plan will the new coach bring? The guy could be the greatest candidate in the world, but if he doesn't have a plan to improve the current team right now, and if he doesn't have the support to make it happen, the pick means nothing.

Update: One more name, from overseas, is Geoff Alley. Alley is a visiting coach at the Woodlands Exiles. He is from New Zealand, has coached with North Harbour and with other New Zealand high-level programs. He also played in the USA and was, for a short time, in the USA mix.