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England pummeled the USA U20s 109-0 in the final round of pool play at the Junior World Championships in France.

The English were bigger, faster, and much more organized. Led by a huge back three of Ben Howard, Henry Purdy and Ollie Devoto, England had the athleticism to run through tacklers and run around them, also. As a result, the USA players had to commit two and three players to the tackle, which simply opened up more space for England.

The Americans came close to scoring a couple of times, but were caught on the breakaways, and forced to pound it out against a very organized and quickly-reset English D. They couldn't break through, and were thoroughly beaten.

England captain Alex Day was charitable.

"The scoreline doesn't reflect the game," he said. "The Americans put up a really good fight."

Certainly the USA didn't give up, but they have been soundly humbled in their three pool matches, giving up 251 points and scoring just three.

It's worth noting, however, that the teams they have been playing are essentially professional teams. The entire England squad is made up of players in Premiership Academy setups, or who are playing top-level club rugby already. For the USA, this is true of maybe two players, as the rest or from DI clubs or colleges.

Now the USA looks ahead to the final two matches of the tournament. They need to win one of them to avoid finishing last, and having to move back down to the Junior World Rugby Trophy (just recently won this year by Italy). They will be joined in the bottom bracket by three of the following: Fiji, Australia, Scotland, and Samoa.