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“It’s really frustrating, especially in a game like that, it’s disappointing because we knew we are a lot better than we played,” L’Estrange told “It wasn’t so much the losing as it was the way we lost.”

L’Estrange is painfully aware that this is three games now with no tries for the Eagles.

“Of course we’re frustrated that we’re not scoring tries as a team but we’ve got to be patient and stick to what we’ve been training; it’s not as if it hasn’t worked before. Tonga put pressure on us and we didn’t respond.”

Adam Siddall was brought in to finish the game at flyhalf; whether that was just Head Coach Mike Tolking trying to get Siddall some time, or a change on form remains to be seen.

Siddall certainly wants to play.

“We’ve got Fiji coming up and then Japan; we’ll rally and get back at it,” said Siddall. “When I came on by that point they were more than a try ahead. I knew I had to take some chances and try something different and I thought I was able to do it. I thought a few more risks needed to be taken earlier in my opinion.”

Flyhalf is Siddall’s preferred position, but, he added, he is happy to play anywhere.

“We just need to solidify our pattern and make sure we don’t make mistakes on some basic things,” Siddall said.

L’Estrange too is looking ahead – he has to.

“We have a quick turnaround and make sure we work hard and turn that performance around.”

What decisions will be made for the team may well be centered around whether the Eagles can generate offense. Confidence, execution, and fitness are all part of the equation. For now, it's obvious the pieces aren't fitting together. Whether the responsibility for bringing the glue is at #10, or elsewhere remains to be seen.

Owen Goff contributed to this report