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The Eagles are pretty deep at loose forward, but Head Coach Mike Tolkin is looking for some talent and depth in the front row and in second row.

Those players will have to show grit and toughness - Tolkin likes players who don't back down. But they will also have to be precise in their work, especially in the lineout, which has returned to its former glory as an effective launching pad for the team.

Assistant Coach Dan Payne has enjoyed getting the lineout working well, and that aspect of play, along with ball retention in the breakdown (and taking the ball away in the breakdown) have been what he's been working on.

Meanwhile, Scrum Coach Derek Dowling has a lot of work to do to ask as much as possible from a disparate group of players. The Eagles struggle in the scrum, and Dowling has to find unity as well as strength in this group, many of whom are college players.

"Camp is going really well," said Glendale captain Zach Fenoglio. "It's great being with such high-caliber players from all over the country, with lots of old and new faces. There's a great mix of veterans and new guys but everyone is excited for the camp. All the boys are switched on and buying into the system that Tolks and the coaches have put in place, and it's setting a great platform to carry into the summer."

Fenoglio is still a young player, especially by front-row standards. He earned his first cap this past fall. However, with players like Nick Wallace, Jordan Bouey, Titi Lamositele and Zach Wallace in camp, he is, comparatively, an old hand. It's perhaps a good thing that there are more experienced heads in camp, as well.

"It's great to get to play with the likes of guys like Mike McDonald and some of the other boys that have been a part of the system for a long time and provide great leadership on and off the field," he said.

Among the locks, Tom Katzfey has been close to an Eagle cap for a while.

"The weather has not been the best so far which has forced us to change the sessions a bit," said Katzfey. "But there is a great mindset among the forwards; everyone has a positive attitude. Guys are certainly aware of their competition but everyone is pulling in the same direction. The more experienced players are clarifying things for the newer guys and answering any questions. So far the coaches have been pleased with how hard everyone has been working."