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L’Estrange was installed as the club’s goalkicker in part because NYAC Head Coach Bruce McLane wanted to prepare his #10 for that role with the USA National Team.

But L’Estrange has struggled, notably going 1-6 on kicks in a 28-22 win over Boston two weeks ago.

“We have not given Toby the tools to really get this and be successful,” said McLane.

Justin Hundley is expected to assume the goalkicking duties for NYAC. What that means for the USA team is at once clear and unclear. Certainly L’Estrange remains the first-choice flyhalf for the Eagles going forward, and he has started well this spring as a playmaker and a defender. He certainly seems to be the #1 choice for #10.

L’Estrange is, apparently, going to be working with USA kicking coach Chris O’Brien going forward to set him up as a goalkicking choice in the future.

So, who will be the goalkicker for the Eagles? The top choice, at present, is Chris Wyles, who did extremely well in the two tests he played for the USA last fall. However, Wyles is not expected to be available the entire summer. With the Eagles playing four internationals in June and then the World Cup Qualifiers in August, it’s likely overseas pros such as Wyles will be given some time off.

Backing up Wyles could be Zach Pangelinan, who kicked fairly well for the USA and USA Selects last fall, and is the main kicker for OMBAC. Shaun Davies is showing good form at scrumhalf, and also has been kicking well for Glendale.

Andrew Suniula is also kicking goals and could be used. But the hot new candidate has to be Adam Siddall. Performing well at flyhalf and, interestingly, inside center for Old Blue, Siddall is an effective on-field player as well as excellent kicker. With Paul Emerick still injured, there’s some space in the USA midfield, and it’s possible Siddall might find his way into the Eagle lineup as a center in part because of his boot.

What is clear is that the USA Men’s National Team might pick a player with an eye toward his ability to kick goals.

This brings up an interesting question – why do we expect the flyhalf to be the goalkicker? Sometimes it seems as if teams automatically assume that the flyhalf should also go for goal. But this has not been the truth when it comes to rugby's history, with fullbacks, centers, and other positions kicking for points just as successfully.

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