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Lost in all the talk about the scrums and the mauls, the High School All American backs.

The HSAA threequarters have shown flashes of danger, but haven’t completely come together, and need to in their final match Saturday against Argentina’s U18s.

“We knew this would be the toughest game,” captain Calvin Whiting said after Wednesday’s loss to Argentina.  “The big difference between Cordoba and Argentina is that Argentina can exploit your littlest mistakes and make you pay for it. They were very physical, and I think in this game we need to take it to them and give it everything we’ve got, rather than soaking up the tackles, we put them on their backs.”

Soft tries hurt the HSAA team, said Whiting, who will be watching from the sidelines thanks to a hamstring issue.

But lost scoring opportunities hurt, too.

“The biggest problem is we get a little anxious, we know we need to be patient but we get up too flat and we end up getting static ball,” said Christian Adams. “It’s always frustrating when you’re right there n front of the try zone but we don’t score. There are little things we need to do better, and in my case it’s staying steep. We have to calm down and execute a little bit better, maybe slow it down, smash it up before we get it wide.”