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RUGBYMag previously reported Carlin Isles was set to sign a contract with Toulon in July, following the 7s Rugby World Cup. Isles has since had a change of heart and decided not to sign with the European champs. 

Isles said previously that the team and he had agreed in principle to a two-year deal that could be extended for a second year. However, some details of the contract made Isles pull back, and he's since told RUGBYMag that he plans to stick with the USA 7s team full-time for another year. 

Isles is one of two contracted Eagles, Zack Test being the other, who signed an endorsement deal with Nike last month. So he has supplemental income, on top of his 7s contract, coming in. Test and Isles are the first two members of the 7s team to sign paying endorsement/sponsorship deals, which have long been the vehicle for Olympic athletes to make a living.