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Looking, as he was, at the three games lost 17-14, 21-19, and 24-12, Magleby could reasonably expect to have won two of those with a little bit of luck. The theme, though, wasn’t luck.

“It’s not about luck or magic,” Magleby told “It’s about the rucks. We didn’t adjust as well as the opposition to the referee interpretations in the breakdown. The referees had their meeting just before the tournament and looked to work on certain areas, and our players, especially the guys who have been on the circuit a while and have developed habits, didn’t adjust.”

Sealing off in the rucks is complete verboten, and the Eagles were penalized for that, sometimes, it seemed, when they hadn’t done it.

Doesn’t matter, said Magleby, and he put the onus on himself to do better.

“I didn’t get them up to speed quickly enough.”

Clearly they will have to stay out of penalty trouble Sunday. Their first game is against Scotland at 10:45 PM EDT, 7:45 PM PDT.