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Palefau was ruled unavailable for the last couple of rounds of the HSBC Sevens World Series because of his new job in Seattle.

However, he is back in the mix this time, in part because Blaine Scully picked up a slight injury.

Head Coach Alex Magleby won't be using Palefau the way he did last year, when the longtime USA star was RUGBY Magazine's 7s Player of the Year.

"Last year Mike led the team in almost everything - tackles, rucks hit, yards gained," said Magleby. "That's good to have someone be so active, but we can't use him like that now. He hasn't been training with the team, and match fitness as a starter would be an issue. So we will be using him as an impact sub. He's very experienced and I think will be really effective in that role."

Palefau's experience allows him to come on as a wing, center, prop, or hooker, and he isn't above being a halfback, either. He is fast, but more than that he breaks tackles and makes things happen. As an impact sub, he won't have to worry too much about so many details of the game, and in stead, on offense or on defense, he is there to shake things up.