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With their best result in years having been achieved in Tokyo last month, the Eagle men are expected to stand relatively pat with their squad list.

The only question is whether Blaine Scully is healthy enough to be considered, and it seems that he is. Peter Tiberio has also been training with the team, but it's likely he .won't be thrown back onto the team so abruptly unless there is an injury.

One player who has been mentioned on occasion but is still not in USA colors is Isimeli Daveta. The Old Puget Sound Beach star has been training with the USA squad while he awaits word on his eligibility. The plan had always been for Daveta to secure his three-year residency in the USA and play for the Eagles. And while he first CIPP'd with OPSB in February of 2010, making February 2013 a logical three-year mark, you can undercut you time served if you leave the country for too long. So all of that has to be checked.

The USA staff believe Daveta is eligible, but it is unlikely they will confirm before it is time to name the squad. So Daveta has been training with the team and has provided some excellent opposition. He is fast, skilled, and elusive, and word is USA Coach Alex Maglevy likes him a lot.

However, Daveta he won't be picked until his eligibility credentials are iron-clad.