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Tiger Rugby added some serious speed this week, bringing in two new athletes. One you know, Rocco Mauer, and the other you don’t, Brandon King.

Mauer, a capped Eagle and former Bowling Green and Chicago Lions standout, is back from a short stint playing in Italy. He has relocated to Columbus and will be training full-time with the Tiger Rugby Olympic Development Program.

“My goals as an athlete are to continue to improve in every facet of my game so I can continue to compete and earn selection for the USA squad,” said Mauer. “To do that I need a professional full-time environment which can offer everything I need to achieve that goal, and that’s the entire purpose of Tiger Rugby.”

Rocco’s brother, Dominic, is finishing his college degree in Italy, but is expected to return to Columbus and Tiger Rugby at the end of the semester.

King is a track convert. He was a sprinter for Ohio State, has been timed running a sub 4.2-second 40-yard dash and is rumored to have run against and beaten Carlin Isles in the past. King is bigger than Isles, about 5-11, 178, but doesn’t have the same football background.

These are just the two latest additions for Tiger, following the announcements of Trevor Tanifum, Isiejah Allen and Maurice Clarett joining the Tiger ODP. More are expected to follow in the coming weeks.