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The USA U20s have picked their lineup to face Canada U20s in the second of two games at the National Sports Center in Blaine, Minn.

Head Coach Jason Kelly will be looking for an improved performance after his squad lost 26-16 Wednesday. The USA did well in several areas of the game in the first encounter - they got plenty of possession and defended well until they gave up two late tries. But decision-making and team chemistry on attack wasn't quite there, and that's why they ended up with just the one try.

1. Korbin Lindell, Central Washington

2. Cameron Falcon, Trinity

3. Solomone Anitema, Metropolis/Spearhead Rugby Academy

4. Nick Barrett, Metropolis/Spearhead Rugby Academy

5. Brendan Hardiman, SFGG

6. Teli Veamatahau, Metropolis/Spearhead Rugby Academy

7. Vili Toluta'u, Metropolis/Spearhead Rugby Academy

8. Tama Pagofie-Buyton, Lindenwood

9. Tom Bliss Captain, Loughborough

10. Liam Bourke, University College Dublin

11. Nu'u Aiava, Las Vegas Blackjacks

12. Jared Stewart, Newcastle

13. Mike Te'o, Belmont Shore

14. Dylan Audsley, St. Mary's

15. Conor Kearns, Trinity

16. Casper Huizenga, Kutztown University

17. Gary Vimahi, Metropolis/Spearhead Rugby Academy

18. Vei Tomasi, Las Vegas Blackjacks

19. Alex Goff, Arkansas St University

20. Ben Pinkelman, Colorado State University

21. Alex Taefu, Tempe

22. Lemoto Filikitonga, Metropolis/Spearhead Rugby Academy

23. Gavin Brown, Arkansas St University