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The USA Selects kick off at 6pm PT against the Argentina Jaguars.

Go here for the live video feed.

We will run a game blog here.

Toby L'Estrange kicks off. Argentina look very relaxed. First attack goes 15 meters or so. USA defend, but penalties and turnovers hurting them.

Argentina get two attacking lineouts early, but USA challenges them well.

6 Mins. Penalty against USA and warning for captain Cam Dolan.

Tuculet lines up a straightforward kick and has no problem. 3-0 Argentina

10 Mins. Try Argentina. The Jaguars take the restart right to the USA line, but somehow the USA stops them. But after fielding a kick, Tucult slices through and sets up a try for Chiappesoni. 8-0 Argentina

Good work by USA to attack. Great run by Liam Murphy. But afterward Murphy has to leave as he injures himself blocking an Argentine clearance kick. At 13 minutes Murphy is off and Derek Asbun is on.

USA Selects show a little of what they can do. Dolan does well on a chase on a box kick, forces a turnover, and the USA backs run a few phases. Nice truck-up from Lamositele. But an inside pass to Will Haydock is just a little miss-timed and turned over. Argentina attacks immediately, and a nifty kick to the corner by scrumhalf Pedro Imhoff sees wing Orlando take it into the corner. 13-0 Argentina

26 Mins.
USA has had all of the ruck penalties against them, but Argentina seems to be on the ground, too. Perhaps a case of a more successful team getting the benefit of the doubt. Two players down, one for each team. Everyone takes time to huddle up.

Desperate and scrambling defense for USA, but if they halted that first break they'd be better off.

31 Mins. USA gets a penalty! Titi Lamositele does well to force a holding-on penalty. Adam Siddall lines up a long kick and it drifts left and a little short.

More promising attacking play from USA, but they just can't finish it off. This time a shepherding penalty hurts them.

Good work by USA front row. Force the Jaguar scrum to buckle. Penalty to USA.

37 Mins. Adam Siddall easily hits the penalty. 13-3 Argentina.

Half ends with USA getting a free kick and running too sideways. They go into touch. Argentina almost scores in the corner but just stopped short ...

Mark Roberts exposed a couple of times on defense.

And somehow the USA wins the scrum and ends the half.

Not as bad as it could have been as their backs looked like they can do something, and Cam Dolan is playing superbly. But they have to solidify that defense out wide.

2nd Half
Lousy start by the USA as they give up a try in the first few minutes.

USA reply with a series of runs up by the forwards. They get an offside penalty and Siddall puts it over. Argentina up 20-6.

46 Mins. USA keep kicking possession away, and they are looking good with the ball, and not so good when Argentina has it. Jaguars very good in holding firm in contact and offloading. Lots of trust in Argentina game.

48 Mins Tai Tuisamoa comes in for Haydock, and Tim Maupin in for Roberts. Definitely good subs. Haydock not keeping up with physicality. Roberts difficulties on defense.

Nifty little break by Shaun Davies and then a series of slow pick-and-jams by USA. Could have gone wide, and instead lose ball forward. Feh.

teamwork breakdown. Siddall fields a kick and attacks far corner, as the USA has practiced. But Maupin needed to cut in, or be available for a pass wide earlier.

USA steal lineout and send Pulu up the middle. Good tackling by Argentina, but they are penalized. No card for an obvious professional foul, but an easy penalty for Siddall. Argentina 20 USA 9 at 53 Mins.

USA keep losing the ball at critical moments, but are hanging in the game.

63 Mins
Game slowing down. Fatigue setting in. Mistakes. Scrums. Penalties. USA somehow is still in with a shot.

USA has probably struggled less in the scrum than you might expect, and Argentina has had all sorts of issues in the lineout.

Another muffed transfer for Jaguars and USA get ball back.

65 Mins
Good attack from USA. Backs get somewhere, and are stopped by Argentina penalized. USA lineout at Arg 22.

More Argentina killing the ball in front of the posts. Card???? This is actually getting comical.

Siddall lines up another penalty kick ... it's high but away to the left. That was a kickable one he won't like to have missed.

Back USA comes again. Penalty ... and a yellow card against Argentina. USA up a man and they kick to the corner.

Lock Guido Petti Pagadizabal on the naughty stool.

Argentina steals lineout and taps it back, but a good tackle from Barrett and scrum 5 for USA.

Free Kick against Argenitna. Dolan taps and it stopped by a player who didn't retreat.

Forward bash at the line.

Several phases, but Argentina defends and finally turns the ball over. Shame for USA. Should have scored on that ...

73 Mins
Argentina 20 USA 9

Funny bounce from a USA lineout gives Argentina the ball. They pressure, and after a kick from the USA they just take apart a lackluster USA chase.

Facundo Barrea dices the chase and scores despite the best efforts of the last tackler, Lamistele.

27-9 Argentina.

Should be closer as USA failed to be patient and score earlier.

Restart goes out on the full.

Chris Sullivan on for Pittman
Peter Moala on also Pulu

Nick Wallace on for Lamositele

USA wheels Argentina scrum but Argentina somehow keeps the ball.

Peter Moala slams into his opposite and somehow gets the ball and offloads ... in the end the call is a knock-on by Argentina

Time is up on the clock but we've been waiting for a while to start a scrum.

One more shot for USA?

Free kick to USA> Davies goes, then Dolan, but another turnover - USA way too high in contact.

Chris Saint in for Davies

80 Mins
Knock-on by USA but we're still playing.

USA scrums Argentina off the ball!!

Long multi-phase movement by USA. Mills almost through. Then Tuisamoa. And after being so close, they lose the ball right on the line.

That's the story of the game ... USA really played a lot of rugby, but Argentina finished better. Much Better. And get the bonus point.

USA Selects
Argentina Jaguars
1 Titi Lamositele (Chuckanut U19s/ Saracens trialist)
1 Bruno Postiglioni
2 Phil Thiel (Life University)
2 Martín García Veiga
3 Shawn Pittman (SeattleOPSB)
3 Matías Díaz
4 Graham Harriman (Metropolis)
4 Matías Alemanno
5 Will Haydock (SeattleOPSB)
5 Guido Petti Pagadizabal
6 Danny Barrett (SFGG)
6 Joaquín Camacho
7 Liam Murphy (Boston)
7 Martín Chiappesoni
8 Cam Dolan – Captain (Life University)
8 Francisco Panessi
9 Shaun Davies (Glendale)
9 Pedro Imhoff
10 Toby L’Estrange (NYAC)
10 Sebastián Poet
11 Ed Mills (Kansas City Blues)
11 Matías Orlando
12 Mile Pulu (SFGG)
12 Javier Rojas
13 Chris Chapman (NYAC)
13 Juan Ignacio Brex
14 Mark Roberts (Chicago Lions)
14 Facundo Barrea
15 Adam Siddall (Old Blue)
15 Joaquín Tuculet (capitán)

16 Cameron Falcon (LSU)
16 Julián Montoya
17 Nick Wallace (Olympic Club)
17 Roberto Tejerizo
18 Chris Sullivan (Life University)
18 Esteban Viale
19 Tai Tuisamoa (OMBAC)
19 Juan Martín Gueurineau
20 Derek Asbun (University of Cape Town)
20 Fidel Lamy
21 Chris Saint (HARC)
21 Gonzalo Bertranou
22 Peter Moala (San Mateo)
22 Patricio Fernández
23 Tim Maupin (Olympic Club)
23 Dan Isaack