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USA Selects v Canada Selects Live Blog

Well Argentina just put it to Uruguay 34-0. So the Jaguars will be in 1st place after tonight regardless of what happens here, as they have bonus points from both wins.

The USA Selects and Canada Selects will be battling for 2nd.

Have to say, that Rugby Canada has in recent times done a really nice job presenting the Star Spangled Banner. Not always the case, but very nice tonight.

Big question tonight for USA, is who will kick for goal with Adam Siddall out of the lineup. Our money is on Shaun Davies, but Joe Cowley might get a shot.

Really nice start to the game. USA shows intention to go wide. Good defense by Canada. USA kicks, and then the same the other way. Big tackle by Tai Tuisamoa.

1st mistake, USA loses lineout on their throw - the throw from Phil Thiel looked off. Canada wins it and sends an excellent kick to the corner. USA get the throw, but are under pressure.

Lots of work by USA forwards to set the ruck on their own goal line to allow Davies to kick free. USA then steal the lineout, but Canada still exerting pressure.

6 Mins Long period with Canada surging into the USA line. Good tackling from USA, but when they get a turnover, just a step into touch, so a Canada lineout inside USA 22.

USA get the ball back on a fumble by Canada, but the Americans mess up, too. In the end, USA penalzied for sealing off in the ruck - a needless penalty.

8 Mins. Du Toit lines up a relatively easy kick and over it goes. Canada 3 USA 0

USA get a free kick on a scrum and run with all kinds of aggression. Good, hard lines and also changing the point of the attack.

Tuisamoa is almost over, USA recycles quickly and a set move in the backs put Tim Maupin over under the posts. TRY USA.

Excellent work from Shaun Davies.

Well, we were wrong. Joe Cowley sets up the kick and he puts it over

12 Mins USA 7 Canada 3

USA defends well on restart and gets a penalty for not releasing. It's a long kick for Cowley ... he has the distance but pulls it a bit left. Still 7-3.

14 Mins Cam Dolan makes a tremendous tackle on wing Jordan Wilson-Ross ... but penalty to Canada and they kick into the 22.

USA have to be smarter. Excellent defensive stand ends with a counter-ruck to get the turnover. But another pass between SH and FH goes to ground, and only quick thinking by Cowley saves a disaster.

19 Mins. USA gets the ball from an overthrown Canadian lineout. Lots of Derek Asbun today. Hands out in the backs and Maupin almost through, breaking one tackle, but not the other.

Penalty though, as Adam Kleeberger throws a needless elbow into the back of Shaun Davies, who is minding his own business. Kleeberger is lucky to remain on the field.

20 Mins. Cowley lines up the kick and puts it through. USA 10 Canada 3

Working their way out of their 22, USA are offside on the kick. Bad mistake and Du Toit lines up another penalty attempt.

24 Mins. The kick is ... no good. Du Toit pushes it away. Still 10-3.

26 Mins. Referee tells USA's Davies to "shutup" because he's complaining about professional fouls by USA.

Kyle Baille stops the quick tap and gets a yellow card for his efforts.

Long kick for Cowley but no problem. He's a cool kid Joe Cowley, born in Wigan, UK but learned his rugby in North Carolina. ALmost CRC MVP!

28 Mins. USA 13 Canada 3

So of course Cowley loses the  ball forward. In his defense, Conor Trainor was all over his neck.

Wow, the USA almost away with another try, as they get the ball on a knock-on, but pass from Tuisamoa to Pulu not quite to hand. Scrum USA.

Three or four huge runs from Tim Maupin. He has no fear about breaking tackles. Good to see.

Canada under pressure on a lineout and overthrow again. This time, though, USA can't gather in the ball.

Center Mike Scholz in at flanker for Canada as Baille is still in the bin.

USA puts on the shove and the Americans turn the scrum. Now it's a USA scrum in Canadian 22.

33 Mins. Now Scholz back into the backs. Canada collapses the scrum. Scary times for Canada.

But the Canadian scrum hangs in there and Pulu is way too high in contact and Canada holds him up.

Classic example of what a poor club structure does - that's something Pulu gets away with most of the time, but not here.

Canada gets a penalty. That's a big miss for USA. Should have scored from that scrum.

USA defense has been very good. Chris Chapman ... where was this Chris Chapman in 2012?

38 Mins. Sin Bin over for Canada. Back to even strength

ANOTHER big shove by USA scrum and Canadians stand up. USA kicks to touch.

Interesting change in USA approach. For the Eagles, they want the same guy to take all the kicks, for goal, punts, etc. ... this team uses Cowley to kick for points and L'Estrange for others ...

USA attacks from lineout, big collisions. Wallace almost through, but he's stopped. Knock-on. Canada scrum with time almost over in the first half.

Insane call against the USA - the Americans are driving the scrum forward, Canada falls apart, but USA called for collapsing the scrum. Makes no sense, but the half is over as Canada kicks to touch.

Great half for USA Selects. Their biggest fault is going too high into contact.

HALF TIME USA 13 Canada 3

Second half starts and Cam Dolan secures the USA kick, but after a few phases the USA turns the ball over in the breakdown.
Canada sub Govorchin on for McQueen
USA Sub Pittman on for Sullivan

USA gets going again when Canada does not crouch when told to in the scrum.

Wallace a good run, then Dolan, but lousy rucking from the outside backs to help their captain and a turnover.

USA sends a high ball. Lost forward by Canada and played in an offside position. Penalty attempt for Cowley about 46 meters out.

Wow, he takes one step and thumps it over.

45 Mins. USA Penalty 16-3

USA is taking the fight to Canada. Even on defense they are generally better in physicality.

48 Mins. McKenzie on for White at scrumhalf for Canada.

Big players for USA so far ... Derek Asbun playing much better. Shaun Davies has been terrific.

USA defense producing a lot of knock-ons as Canada senses the hit coming with the ball ... USA gets the ball and this time they are smart and kick to the corner.

However, not good for USA. Canada wins the lineout, great box kick from McKenzie and Wilson-Ross, who's a sparkplug, catches it on the run. Moala nowhere near that ball. Had to do better. Canada kicks and forces USA to kick to touch in their 22.

Canada looking good, pass out to Trainor who boots it into in-goal

Great play by Danny Barrett to touch down and get the 22 dropout.

53 Mins. Still Canada pressures. USA offside. Penalty to Canada about 22 meters out. Canada needs points and Du Toit points to posts.

But no kicking tee is available!!. Bad blunder by Canada. They want to kick to touch now, but can't because they called for posts. So Jack Fitzpatrick holds the ball up, Du Toit has to rush, and he misses.

The USA drops out, and get the ball back. Ball out to Danny Barrett on the wing, he breaks a tackle, fends of another, and NOW there's Danny Barrett, as he goes 60 meters for an amazing try!!!

55 Mins. Try USA

Tough conversion is good and it's 23-3 USA

59 Mins. Cullen on for Tuisamoa for USA.

USA still pressuring.

But once again too high in contact.

Canada sub Illnicki on for March.
Dolesau on for Maguire on the wing

Still 20 minutes to go. USA Selects cannot let up.

Long period with the teams both trying something but they keep losing the ball ...

Canada turn the ball over and go wide to Joe Dolesau. He's shifty and fast and he looks away. Somehow Wallace comes flying across to knock the wing into touch.

Great play on both sides.

Peter Moala is down ... looks like a shoulder de Achaval replaces him

USA lifts the pressure a little then gets a loneout at their 22.

Well they lose that lineout but get the ball back on a drop. Kick for space

67 Mins still 23-3 USA in the lead.
Heaton on for Baille for Canada
Morrison on for Canada

Lots of knock-ons, mostly Canadian, but some USA. It's chilly and the hands may be cold. But Canada will not be happy with the drops

Canada goes wide to Dalesau who is a speedy, speedy guy. Well he is just on the touchline ...

Canada is the one that's attacking, but USA just holding on.

Canada with lineout and drive. This could be the try they've worked so hard to get.

And yes.

Out to Trainor and a try under the posts. Canada deserved that. Conversion good.

73 Mins. USA 23 Canada 10

The good news for USA is that they get to go forward. Dolan nabs the ball again on the restart.

75 Mins. Lamositele on for Wallace.

Canada scrum pops up again, but Canada gets te freek kick. USA scrum much the stronger.

But Canada moving the ball again ... and knocks it on again.

USA has ball and working the phases but a crazy offload from Barrett gives the ball up.

Big defense from USA. Pittman turns the ball over in the ruck.

Long kick ahead. Massive hit from Lamistele on Dolasau. L'Estrange out to Chappo and he almost scores, but gets it to Maupin. Try in the corner.

Done and dusted.

Saint on for Davies
79 Mins. USA Try ... USA 28 Canada 10

Kick from the touchline is good. Wow get that Joe Cowley.

And that;'s the game

What a tremendous performance by the USA. Canada made a lot of mistakes, but the USA played a lot of rugby and finally scored some tries.

As it turns out, this result clinches the ARC for Argentina. But the USA is now ready to claim 2nd with a win over Uruguay on Saturday.

USA 30
Two tries from Tim Maupin, and one from Danny Barrett.
Joe Cowley was brilliant as a kicker, with three conversions and three penalties.

USA Selects Canada Selects
1 Nick Wallace 1- Doug Wooldridge
2 Phillip Thiel 2- Ray Barkwill
3 Chris Sullivan 3- Ryan March
4 Tai Tuisamoa 4- Henry (Hank) McQueen
5 Graham Harriman 5- Kyle Baille
6 Daniel Barrett 6- Kyle Gilmour
7 Derek Asbun 7- Alistair Clark
8 Cameron Dolan 8- Adam Kleeberger
9 Shaun Davies 9- Sean White
10 Toby L’Estrange 10- Guiseppe Du Toit
11 Tim Maupin 11- Jordan Wilson-Ross
12 Mile Pulu 12- Mike Scholz
13 Chris Chapman 13- Conor Trainor
14 Ed Mills 14- Duncan Maguire
15 Joe Cowley 15- Jack Fitzpatrick

Reserves Reserves
16 Cameron Falcon 16- Micha Gorvorchin @ 40 for McQueen
17 Shawn Pittman @ 40 for Sullivan
17- Djustice Sears-Duru
18 Titi Lamositele 18- Jake Illnicki
19 John Cullen 19- Callum Morrison
20 Trevor Cassidy 20- Matt Heaton
21 Chris Saint 21- Jamie Mackenzie @ 48 for White
22 Peter Moala 22- Adam McQueen
23 Maximo De Achaval 23- Joe Dolesau