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The Eagles notched their first win over Zimbabwe last weekend in Dubai, but could not make it two in a row over the African nation in Saturday’s Shield semifinal. As consequence, the Eagles finish 1-4 and pointless in George. The difference in the match was one conversion.

1st half
3:15    Manasah Sita        ZIM     Try
5:03    Marco Barnard        USA    Try
6:48    Roland Suniula        USA    Try
7:00    Shalom Suniula        USA     Con

2nd half
1:04    Gardener Nechironga    ZIM    Try
1:13    Gardener Nechironga    ZIM    Con
2:20    Zach Test        USA    Try
5:54    Tafadzwa Chitokwindo    ZIM    Try
6:24    Gardener Nechironga    ZIM    Con

USA Starting Lineup
1. Matt Hawkins
2. Marco Barnard
3. Mark Bokhoven
4. Shalom Suniula
5. Zach Test
6. Mile Pulu
7. Roland Suniula