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Olympic Club handled their business against Dallas in the first DI Round of 16 game Saturday in Chula Vista, Calif, never trailing the Reds in their 33-5 victory.

Dallas had the first chance to put points on the board, when fullback Matt Rawle took a shot at the posts, but the attempt was unsuccessful. O-Club flyhalf Keegan Engelbrecht missed his first shot at goal shortly thereafter.

The stalemate was broken by Olympic Club prop Darrell Honaver, who capped off a series of pick-and-gos following a Dallas penalty and successful O-Club five-meter lineout. Engelbrecht hit the conversion.

Dallas responded less than a minute later after an O-Club penalty put the Reds in a similar scoring position with a point-blank lineout. Dallas won their lineout and took a couple slow balls before spinning it wide for the score. Rawle's conversion was missed.

O-Club and Dallas grappled for the next five minutes, and O-Club utilized Engelbrecht's boot and some quality slow ball to gain territorial advantage.
Dallas turned them San Francisco club over deep in their own end, but a knock gave O-Club a five-meter scrum, during which the Reds were blown for a freekick infringement.

O-Club No. 8 Rikus Pretrious quick-tapped and dove in for a try that would trigger a 12-0 O-Club run to end the first half, putting the NorCal champs up 19-5 at intermission. 10 of those points were scored by Pretorius, who bagged his second try just seven minutes later.

The second half was all O-Club, as they poured in 14 points, while pitching a shutout. O-Club's tight offensive attack in the first quarter of the game allowed them to open things up later on, leading to the impressive finish.

'We talked about that for Dallas," said O-Club coach Ray Lehner. "We thought they liked to fan out their defense quite a bit, and we wanted to be active around the ruck to try and open up their defense a little bit for later in the game."

Olympic Club managed to hold out some players who'll factor heavily in Sunday's quarterfinal against the Sacramento Lions, including former Eagle Kort Schubert.

Tries: Pretorius (2), Honaver, Houghton, Golding
Cons: Engelbrecht (3), Galicz

Tries: Chad Joseph