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Their offensive approach will have much more of an Alex Magleby look about it - specifically Magleby will use his big men to challenge the defense, and the attack will be much more vertical as it looks to create space for the speedsters out wide.

As a result, look for the props to spend a lot more time in the middle of the field, and it appears Andrew Durutalo is going to have a much more central role in taking the ball up.

Magleby is well known for doing a good job of using the talent he has available. He is also a bit of a chess-player when it comes to creating his offense.

He wants his fast players to get the ball at pace, but he also feels his other players need to work hard to create space for those players.

The players, apprently, have had to work at getting used to a new way of playing. Under Al Caravelli they had more of a wait and see approach - avoiding the rucks in the middle of the field as they looked for openings.

This could give a clue to who Magleby will pick for his team. He is likely to be looking for more power and depth in the forwards. He doesn't need a lot of height as Zack Test seems to be the main aerial artist. So look for Durutalo and Nu'u Punimata to get serious looks.

This might also be an opening for Miles Craigwell. The former Brown star football player has been playing a lot on the wing; if he is to make a case for being a hooker/prop, he might do so showcasing his physicality between the 15-meter lines.