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Ireland-based USA MNT assistant coaches Tony Smeeth and Derek Dowling checked in with the Collegiate All Americans Wednesday afternoon to run the backs (Smeeth) and forwards (Dowling).

With the AA staff working closely with Smeeth and Dowling, the players got a chance to meld their training with the national team approach – some have already worked with these coaches in camp.

“Today’s training went really well,” said Cal’s Seamus Kelly, who is co-captain of the All Americans along with forwards Nate Brakeley and Ryan Roundy. “We have an exceptional group of athletes, and we’re making promising progress.”

It’s tough to get a team to come together in only a few days, added Kelly, but such is the world of international rugby.

“I think we’re coming together well and things are looking good,” he added.

Kelly was central to the backs workouts, which centered around getting their timing and passing down. Meanwhile Coach Dowling worked the scrum, while Matt Huckaby oversaw a series of lineout and maul workouts.

The team will train at the Dublin University (Trinity) grounds on Thursday afternoon, where Tony Smeeth is Head Coach.

Their day will start with a 7:30 walk through before breakfast, followed by a 90-minute training session, recovery, then on to Trinity, dinner at The Old Punch Bowl in Booterstown, and just a few yards from the Irish Sea. The players’ stamina and attention span will then be challenged with a team meeting following a long day and a nice dinner.

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