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The USA Collegiate All Americans have three more days of preparation before their first match, against Connacht Academy.

They know they have a lot of work to do.

“Our biggest challenge is to get on the same page in attack, defense, and in units in only a few days,” Head Coach Matt Sherman told While trying to keep it simple, it still ends up being a lot we are asking the guys to absorb in only a handful of days.”

Sherman said he was pleased with how his players stayed on focus despite the jet lag and additional fatigue from taking an overnight flight.

“So far, they are doing a good job of absorbing that information and staying focused and engaged, and this morning’s defensive session was positive and at a good standard.”

The players will do two-a-days for Wednesday and Thursday concentrating on defense on Wednesday morning and units in the afternoon. On Thursday, they will work on their attack pattern, and then split off into units for a while in the afternoon before bring everyone back to work it all as a team.

That group session on Thursday afternoon will be crucial, as it will be the culmination of all that work as they put all the pieces together.

Friday will be a captain’s run, which is time for the team to work on teamwork, but scale back the contact in anticipation of Saturday’s game against the Irish provincial academy Connacht.