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We've broken down where the 27 Eagles tabbed for the November tour of UK played their high school, college and/or club rugby in the United States.

Some of these guys have played in schools overseas, like Scott Lavalla at Trinity College in Ireland. But we're only examining their American roots. A couple Eagles, like Robbie Shaw and Gearoid McDonald, have never played American domestic rugby.

Only three Eagles with American club experience have not played for Super League or former Super league clubs: Inaki Basauri, Eric Fry and Zee Ngwenya. And only one, Ngwenya, has never played for a DI club. (He only played 7s for NOVA).

But when it comes to where guys played in college, it's all over the map. Seven played for teams that have been in DI-A or the College Premier Division, while six played for programs in lower levels. Of the smaller programs, two are currently in DI-AA and the other four are currently in DII.

So it can be concluded that if you're good enough, you might be identified as a potential Eagle in college, even if you don't play for one of the big boys. But if you want to become an Eagle, and you haven't been identified in college or before, you might need to play DI club rugby.

HS Team College Club
Derek Asbun De la Salle Cal
Inaki Basauri Maryland Exiles
Maryland Exiles
Chris Biller De la Salle Cal SFGG
Chris Chapman

Todd Clever College Park Nevada OMBAC
Peter Dahl

Belmont Shore/STL Ramblers
Cornelius Dirksen
Life Life
Brian Doyle
Rhode Island NYAC
Paul Emerick
Northern Iowa
Zach Fenoglio Regis Jesuit Loyola Marymount Belmont Shore/Glendale
Eric Fry Sacramento Jesuit Cal Las Vegas
Graham Harriman
Minnesota-Duluth Chicago Griffins
Luke Hume

Old Blue
Scott LaValla Budd Bay

Toby L'Estrange

Gearoid McDonald

Takudzwa Ngwenya Plano

Zach Pangelinan

Mike Petri Xavier HS Penn State NYAC
Shawn Pittman Chuckanut Bay
Anthony Purpura
Maine Boston/OMBAC
John Quill

Robbie Shaw

Louis Stanfill Sacramento Jesuit Cal NYAC
Andrew Suniula

Pearl City/Chicago Griffins
Roland Suniula

Pearl City/Boston/Chi. Griffins
Nicholas Wallace Chuckanut Bay St. Mary's