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The Pacific Northwest Rugby Referees Society is suing former treasurer Ronald E. Myers IV for embezzling $18,500 over a period of years.

In a letter sent to PNRRS members earlier this fall, society chairman DJ Heffernan said that Myers had acknowledged taking the money, using it for "gambling and personal matters."

In September, Myers repaid $4,000 of the money, and the society if seeking the remainder. Heffernan, in his letter, told members Myers may not have the means to pay the money back.

The PNRRS normally holds money in trust for referees, accumulating games fees and then distributing them to referees at a later date. This allowed the society some financial leeway in paying for referee clinics, kit, and other costs. Without the outstanding $14,500, the society is severely taxed and asked referees to loan part of their fiduciary balance to the society for "an indefinite period of time" in order to help balance the books. 

Heffernan also asked for referees to donate funds to the society.