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The Southern California DI club league got a bit of a shakeup this weekend with Santa Monica moving into a tie for first place after ditching Belmont Shore 26-22.

Neither team got the four-try bonus point, and Belmont Shore did get a bonus point for a close loss, but it was all still enough for Santa Monica to move into a tie for first place. See more here.

But just as intriguing was the match between OMBAC and Los Angeles. LA went into the game at 3-3 and thinking serious thoughts about the playoffs. OMBAC went into the weekend 2-3 wondering if playoffs were a pipe dream.

Well the pipe dream is alive as OMBAC won 48-36. The San Diego club didn't bypass LA completely into 3rd, as Los Angeles got a bonus point, but they did leapfrog the idle San Diego Old Aztecs. And, with a game in hand over LA (Old Aztecs have two games in hand), OMBAC is in excellent position to secure a playoff spot.

"It was a strange game," said longtime OMBAC prop Troy Donoghue. "We really controlled the ball and controlled the pace of the game, but we would have these little defensive breakdowns after turnovers. So we'd work the phases and score, but if we turned it over they scored on just about every chance they had."

Still, with former OMBAC player Todd Clever offering words of encouragement from the sidelines, OMBAC emerged victorious.

"The last few weeks we've been making silly mistakes, so we decided to get down to basics, and that has definitely worked for us," said Donoghue. "Now we look at where we are, and we see that Santa Monica beat Belmont Shore, we know both Santa Monica and Belmont Shore can be beaten. We are coming along as a team."

Las Vegas got their first win of the season, 43-22 over visiting Back Bay.

Next week will carry much meaning even though there's just the one game, a re-scheduled clash between Old Aztecs and Back Bay in San Diego. San Diego can move from 5th to 3rd with a victory, while a loss by the Old Aztecs could deal them a heavy blow to the playoff aspirations of the newly-promoted club.

Then a week later OMBAC plays Belmont Shore, Santa Monica faces LA, and the Old Aztecs play Back Bay a second time.

Latest (unofficial) standings

SoCal DI Men League

Club W L T PF PA Diff BT BL Pts
Santa Monica 6 1 0 251 137 114 4 1 29
Belmont Shore 6 1 0 309 108 201 4 1 29
OMBAC 3 3 0 232 195 37 4 1 17
Los Angeles 3 4 0 215 218 -3 4 1 17
Old Aztecs 2 3 0 143 232 -89 2 1 11
Las Vegas 1 5 0 118 259 -141 3 0 7
Back Bay 1 5 0 141 260 -119 2 0 6