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APRIL PREVIEW: This month, Rugby Magazine looks at various issues around one thought - why do we play.

Samu and Daphne Manoa: US star Samua Manoa talks about celebrity life in Northampton, and his sister, Daphne, who is leaving the new Danville girls program to great heights. We also check in with Daphne for her take on brother's influence.

History: Allyn Freeman looks at how rugby made the Olympics the first time around.

Mile High Rivalry: Pat Clifton looks at a relatively young rivalry, but a heated rivalry, between the Denver Barbarians and the Glendale Raptors, and how the rivalry is good for the game.

International Dreamer: We play because we want to compete, and Kenneth Hepburn epitomizes that with his drive to be an international. The Eagles didn't come calling, so he is playing for Jamaica.


Cliff Notes: Pat Clifton looks at the road trips and weird personalities that have made his rugby playing days so much fun.

Goff On Rugby: Reduce obstacle to the game. Alex Goff looks at the single most annoying financial problem for teams - travel costs.

Fine Lines: Jackie Finlan looks at the struggles for women's colleges in this playoff season.

Full Time: Former Tennessee Volunteer Sam Anderson's unique take on playing in South Africa.

Off the Clock: Eagle 7s player Brett Thompson talks height, hair and Big Macs.

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