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It was a day of turnaround results in the Mid-Atlantic DI club league, as two of the top three clubs lost on the road.

The 3-1 Maryland Exiles were thrashed 60-24 by the Norfolk Blues in Norfolk.

The Blues were led by scrumhalf Dutch Jones, who punctuated his solid season so far with five tries. The Blues forwards would just work their way down the field, and close in, Jones could simply pick up quickly and dive over. It happened repeatedly, and Maryland couldn't stop it.

"We saw they had traveled light," said Norfolk Head Coach Chris Porter. "And with those big forwards they have, we figured we could finish better and run them into the ground. So I said it would probably be close after 40, but in the last 20 we would be fresher, and that's what happened."

Traveling with a full squad has been tough for all teams in the Mid-Atlantic league, and thus when a team does win on the road, it's a big deal. In Norfolk, the Blues not only denied the Exiles a road victory, they denied them any bonus points.

"We wanted them to leave without any points, so it was good to see the defense buckle down and prevent them from getting a fourth try," said Porter.

Meanwhile, PAC defeated Schuylkill River 27-6 in DC.

Schuylkill Head Coach Bill Jalbert said he was very disappointed with the performance, but added that only having two subs hurt him.

"We were still in it with 20 minutes to go, but we kind of broke down after that," he said. "It's the story of this league, traveling."

Schuylkill drops to 4-2, while Norfolk, now 5-1, including two crucial road victories, moves into 1st place.

Baltimore-Chesapeake beat NOVA 39-13 behind tries from Clifford Guest, Matt Chiaramonte, Jason Baumgartner, Travis Kumar, Dan Wykowski, Robert Barberi, and John Drury. The Brumbies are are now 4-2 and right in the mix.

Pittsburgh improved to 3-3 with a 40-12 defeat of Raleigh. Captain Nick Koon was Man of the Match with three tries and five conversions for 25 points all on his own.

Updated Standings

Mid-Atlantic W L T Pf Pa Pd BT BL Pts
Norfolk Blues 5 1 0 200 123 77 4 0 24
Schuylkill River 4 2 0 177 126 51 4 0 20
Baltimore-Chesapeake 4 2 0 139 101 38 3 1 20
PAC 4 3 0 154 154 0 2 1 19
Maryland Exiles 3 2 0 134 143 -9 3 1 16
Pittsburgh Harlequins 3 3 0 137 129 8 3 0 15
Raleigh Vipers 1 5 0 133 153 -20 2 2 8
NOVA 0 6 0 103 250 -147 1 1 2