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Five games have been schedule so far this season, and exactly one, Denver Highlanders v Boulder, has been played. The Highlanders have since, apparently, dropped out of DI (we heard they were going to, but they then played that game against Boulder so, hmm, maybe not. But we saw on the club's Facebook page that they were readying for this weekend's clash with the Denver Barbarians, so we contacted them, but got no definitive answer. The answer came on Saturday, when the Highlanders did not show to face the Barbos.)

Then there are the Utah teams. Now you know we at have been supportive of Utah rugby. We know the talent pool is very strong there, and in addition we know there are players we like very much coming out of college who we'd like to see play more. But Provo didn't make the trip for their opener against the Barbarians, and this weekend couldn't even make it up I-15 to Salt Lake City to take on the Utah Islanders.

Provo, we hear, is now out of the league. The Highlanders are out, too. The Islanders? Well they had to back out of their opening match against Glendale due to "travel problems." But they were ready to play this weekend. Maybe they get a mulligan. 

Still, that leaves us with four teams in the league playing maybe 12 games (assuming the Islanders make up their match with Glendale).

By all accounts, this league is a disaster before it has started. 

Watch, then, for Denver and Glendale to confirm their participation in the West Coast Cup when those teams have their next super-secret meeting. That could leave Utah and Boulder out in the cold. Would they be better off just moving back to DII? Or could they join up with teams from Texas?

It's a mess, that's for sure, and while it's a shame that a club implodes, like the Highlanders, or fizzles, like Provo, leaving enthusiastic players out in the cold, it's more of a shame for the clubs that are actually kitted up and ready to play - someone promised them a game, and they are still waiting.