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Staffmembers Alex Goff, Jackie Finlan, and Pat Clifton pick their Stories of 2013. In addition, Goff digs deeper into USA Rugby's current Strategic Plan, and gets the help of an expert to judge it - good and bad.

Here are the stories you will see in this issue:

The Rollercoaster. Alex Goff follows the ups and downs of the USA Men's National Teams, and says the story isn't who won or lost, but the paving over of deeper reasons behind the fact that the Eagles haven't really gotten any better.

Revolution v. Evolution. Pat Clifton looks at major changes in domestic competition, and tries to figure out whether it's change for the better, or just the fizzling out of unsupported endeavors.

What's the Plan? Alex Goff speaks with sports planning expert Alistair Gray about USA Rugby's Strategic Plan, and where the organization fails in clarifying for its members what it wants to do.

No More Nationals. Jackie Finlan looks at the growth of ACRA in women's college rugby, and how it's related to NCAA sanction.

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