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Four high school teams from Ohio and four from Indiana faced off this past weekend in the annual Indiana v Ohio Challenge.

Each team played two shortened games and the wins and losses tallied. This year, Indiana dominated the A-side scores, winning seven out of eight games. Among the B-side matches, Ohio held sway, winning six out of eight. Overall, then Indiana won 9-7.

Here are the results (latest rankings in parentheses - SS for Single School teams and MS for Multi-school clubs).

A-Side Scores
Ignatius 13-0 La Salette
Westerville (MS 22) 10-22 Cathedral 22 (MS 2)
Moeller 0-5 Brownsburg (SS 21)
Saint Edward 0-17 Penn (SS 7)
Ignatius 3-10 Cathedral (MS 2)
Westerville (MS 22) 10-15 La Salette
Moeller 3-24 Penn (SS 7)
Saint Edward 0-17 Brownsburg (SS 21)

Indiana Won 7 Points for 109
Ohio Won 7 Points for 39

B-Side Scores:
Ignatius 20-10 Penn
Westerville 15-10 Brownsburg
Moeller 10-5 Cathedral
Saint Edward 12-5 La Salette
Ignatius 29-7 Brownsburg
Westerville 3-41 Penn
Moeller 0-24 La Salette
Saint Edward 14-10 Cathedral

Indiana Won 2 Points for 112
Ohio Won 6 Points for 103

Penn emerged with the best overall record, winning three games (including B-side matches) and losing 1. Igantius was also 3-1.