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LIfe's Paris Hollis carries the ball against Arizona. Photo credit: Jack Megaw.

Here you can find Collegiate Rugby Championship day three scores from PPL Park in Philadelphia as they become final.

9:201-JunNSCRO SFNM Highlands31Richmond0
9:401-JunNSCRO SFNew England36Valdosta State7
3110:001-JunCup QFCal33Penn State5
3210:201-JunCup QFLife31Navy26
3310:401-JunCup QFUCLA21Dartmouth12
3411:001-JunCup QFKutztown14Michigan 0
3511:20 a.m.1-JunShield SFTemple21Penn 12
3611:40 a.m.1-JunShield SFTexas15South Carolina10
3712:00 p.m.1-JunBowl SFNotre Dame14Arizona10
3812:201-JunBowl SFSt. Joe's17Drexel10
12:401-JunWomen's FinalPenn State29James Madison12
13:001-JunHSG FinalN.J. Blaze26Doylestown15
13:201-JunHSB FinalSalt Lake Lions26Malvern Prep0
3913:401-JunPlate SFNortheastern 20Virginia Tech10
4014:101-JunPlate SFMaryland22Ohio State5
4114:101-JunCup SFCal20UCLA17
4214:351-JunCup SFKutztown19Life17
436:04 p.m.1-JunShield FinalTemple17Texas12
446:26 p.m.1-JunBowl FinalNotre DameSt. Joseph's
6:48 p.m.1-JunNSCRO FinalNM HighlandsNew England College
457:10 p.m.1-JunPlate FinalNortheasternMaryland
467:32 p.m.1-JunCup FinalCalKutztown


Phil: let's get posting -- it's 10:34
Cal won and Life's up at HT. From the twitter feed, I think that the comp is running about 5 minutes behind schedule.
NSCRO Semi Score is wrong NM Highlands beat Richmam 31-0 not the other way as shown