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It's still very early, but already the cream is rising to the top in the summer 7s season. Most series are just a tournament or two in. In both the Northeast and Midwest, one team has won every tournament so far. The Chicago Lions won both Milwaukee and Madison qualifiers and tied for first in the Chicago tournament that was called early for poor weather. In the Northeast, Old Blue is two-for-two.

Each summer, we see new teams come to fruition and really have a go at 7s, and this summer's no different. The new kid on the block with high hopes is the New Haven Bulldogs. Current 7s Eagle Marcus Satavu is joined by speedster Fili Botitu, who helped Seattle OPSB to a national championship. Peceli Rinakama, formerly of Aspen and Glendale 7s, is a talented stepper. New Haven finished second at the first NRU event, but fell off at the second one.

The two teams with star-studded lineups are Seattle and Old Blue. Eagles, All Americans and other well-known talents litter their lineups, which is why they top the rankings.


RankClub NameWhat they've been up to
1Seattle SaracensUndefeated so far
2Old BlueWon every tournament they've played in
3Denver BarbariansUndefeated in only qualifier
4Santa Monica1st in one tourney, 2nd in another
5Chicago Lions2 for 2 in Midwest tournaments that have finished
6EPA RazorbacksWon first NorCal series event
71823Keeps finishing 2nd to Chicago
8Maryland ExilesWon 1st MAC qualifier
9Belmont Shore1st in one tourney, 5th in another
10New Haven BulldogsLots of talent, still coming together
11SFGGStill very early in NorCal
12New Orleans RoyaleUndefeated in only qualifier
13Schuylkill River2nd in MAC qualifier
14Glendale2nd in West qualifier, but blown out big in final
15Kansas City BluesVery good team, just missed out on final
16Austin BlacksWon only Texas qualifier
17OMBACOnly played in 1 of 2 qualifiers, but finished 2nd
18Milwaukee Barbarians3rd in Midwest standings
19Oklahoma City2nd in Texas
20NYACFinished 2nd in 2nd NRU tourney


What were the Newport 7's results?
What were the Newport 7's results?