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Great crowd at 2014 Club 7s Nationals

Try calculations were made from USA Rugby's competitions system. In a few games, tries were not attributed to any individual player in said system. Try crediting was done pitchside, and not by Rugby Today staff. 

1stSeattle Saracens6-0
2ndOld Blue5-1
3rdKansas City Blues4-2
4thBelmont Shore3-3
5thDenver Barbarians5-1
6thNew York Athletic Club3-3
7thChicago Lions4-2
8thEPA Razorbacks2-4
10thNew Orleans Royale3-3
11thSanta Monica 3-3
12thMaryland Exiles1-5
13thSchuylkill River2-4
14thHawaii Titans2-4
15thAustin Blacks1-5
16thAtlanta Old White0-6
Perry Baker18238
Justin HundleyNYAC6
Kenny ScottKC Blues5
Miles CraigwellSeattle5
Nate AugspurgerOBNY5
Adam SandstromChicago Lions4
Alex SandstromChicago Lions4
Eric DuechleBelmont Shore4
Jack TracyBelmont Shore4
Kyle GranbyNYAC4
Marcus HendersonOBNY4
Martin IosefoChicago Lions4
Michael St. ClaireOBNY4
Tim StanfillSeattle4
Troy HallNYAC4
Walter ElderKC Blues4