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Game TypeDivisionWinnerScoreLoser
Midwest DI Men's ClubKC Blues29-19Palmer
Midwest DI Men's ClubMilwaukee32-15Chicago Griffins
Midwest DI Men's ClubMetropolis43-12Cincinnati
Midwest DI Men's ClubChicago Lions40-14Columbus
FriendlyDI Men's CollegeDavenport31-19McMaster
FriendlyDI Men's CollegeNavy48-10Ohio State
FriendlyDI Men's CollegeClemson66-3Georgia
FriendlyDI Men's CollegeVirginia Tech36-26Radford
FriendlyDI Men's CollegeMichigan24-15Wheeling Jesuit
FriendlyDI Men's CollegeLindenwood56-27Indiana
FriendlyDI Men's CollegeCornell12-6Syracuse
FriendlyDI/DII Men's CollegeBuffalo20-19Notre Dame College
FriendlyDI/DII Men's CollegeUSMMA36-15Coast Guard
FriendlyDI Men's CollegeMillersville30-0York
Empire - JerseyDII Men's ClubMonmouth20-18Princeton
Empire - JerseyDII Men's ClubMontclairPPDBayonne
Empire - JerseyDII Men's ClubUnion42-30Morris
Midwest - EastDII Men's ClubEastside Banshees30-15St. Paul
Midwest - EastDII Men's ClubCleveland Rovers63-23Detroit
Midwest - EastDII Men's ClubIndianapolis27-12Dayton
FriendlyDI Men's ClubMystic River31-24Boston Irish Wolfhounds
FriendlyDI/DII Men's ClubNOVA24-14Washington Irish
FriendlyDI/DII Men's ClubCharlotte 22-12Raleigh
FriendlyWomen's CollegeYork24-15Ohio State
FriendlyWomen's CollegeQuinnipiac34-19Life


Nice. Now we just have to get clubs/teams to send in scores and we're almost there. !
Thanks Ray. We've got every DI or DII men's club league score from the weekend included above, and a pretty comprehensive list of friendly results across men's college. This list will multiply as more leagues get going over the next few weeks.
The University of Michigan won their game, you have the scores reversed