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(Submitted by Ted Kunkel)

North Bay Rugby CLU in Aberdeen, MD offers rugby for all ages and both genders.  The Youth touch summer program (organized 16-years ago) teaches boys and girls, starting at age seven, the basic principles of the game, but most importantly, the love for the sport.  Over 100 youngsters are involved in this summer program. 

The young children eventually move up to the North Bay U-19 Boys and U-19 Girls Tackle Programs upon reaching 9th grade.  Many of these high schoolers continue to play at high level collegiate programs, with the ultimate goal that they may eventually return to the Aberdeen, MD area and play for the North Bay Men’s or Women’s teams. 

Then, when players are past their prime to play for the Men’s side, they graduate to the Old Boy’s Division IV team.  As a result of this wide and diverse range, the North Bay "Family" has had, over the years, numerous occurrences of Father-Son and Father-Daughter playing together. 

For Aberdeen, the motto is: RUGBY, A WAY OF LIFE.