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Rugby players felt proud after watching Clint Eastwood’s Invictus.  There had been movies with a little rugby here and there, but nothing quite as prolific.  San Francisco’s Amanda Hibbert, a Virginia Tech Rugby alumna, is looking to make a big impression by taking her passion for rugby to the big screen with the American women’s rugby story called Elegance.  She has already located some content, including footage from the 2013 WPL season, and most recently, the 2014 IRB Women’s Rugby World Cup.  Phase Two begins now as she sets her sights on a completed project by spring 2015.

This film will explore the strenuous routine of an American rugby woman, highlighting her method of balancing work, play, and home life.  It will feature several story lines.  One will follow the 2014 USA Eagles XV’s experience in France at the IRB Women’s World Cup.  Another takes a look at a player who severely injured her knee and worked to return to the field.  A brief history of women’s rugby in America will also be featured in the film. 

Domestically, women’s rugby has gone almost unrecognized to the general public.   Along with thousands of women’s rugby fans and players, Hibbert feels that it’s time to showcase a unique and fast growing element of the game. The creation of this kind of film will yield more positive attention and marketability to not only women’s rugby but to the entire sport.  

Hibbert attributes her passion for this documentary to the empowerment gained through playing and experiencing rugby during college.  She gained leadership skills, camaraderie, fitness, and confidence that have helped her in daily living.   She also developed lifelong friends in the process.  This is her way of giving back to her rugby past.

The plan is to submit a finished product to film festivals in 2015 for a 2016 premiere.  Major television networks have shown interest, including, NBC Universal and a French sports channel.  With the recent conclusion of the IRB Women’s Rugby World Cup and the 2016 Rio Olympics on the horizon, Elegance is likely to generate additional positive media and public interest. 

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This will be an important milestone in the promotion and growth of women’s rugby.