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Former Gonzaga rugby star and current Cleveland Brown Johnson Bademosi joined a bevy of professional athletes in wearing the phrase, "I can't breathe", publicly addressing the death of Eric Garner, who died during a confrontation with New York police. Bademosi took to MMQB with Peter King to explain his decision.

Bademosi, like Nate Ebner, Haloti Ngata and Stewart Bradley, was a standout rugby player in high school. 

"We walk a tightrope as NFL athletes. We all have lives and opinions outside of sports, yet the NFL today is designed to suppress and confine our public lives to its standards. Team culture tells you shut up, follow the crowd and do your job. Anyone who steps away from that standard runs the risk of upsetting someone who may control your means for providing for your family," said Bademosi. 

"The NFL drives this standard. They tell us to wear pink for these games and camouflage for these games. While I embrace those causes, there are other things that are just as important to me as an individual. Yet, in the past, whenever players have tried to distinguish themselves, they’ve faced fines for doing so." 

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