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Tianna Camous

If you haven’t seen it by now, you’re either off the grid or not paying attention. Tianna Camous’s highlight video has gone relatively viral, garnering over 100,000 hits and shares from ESPN, Fox Sports, Bleacher Report and several online news outlets.

Especially impressive in the array of jaw-dropping collisions is the one where she takes on a ball carrier seemingly twice her size and wins convincingly.

“With the big girl, right after that hit, the guys team was out there watching, and they just started going crazy,” said Camous, a senior for Lindenwood. “I just tried to get up and start following the ball.”

Camous is a wrestling convert. She wrestled throughout high school and went to Lindenwood on a wrestling scholarship, sticking with the sport her first couple of years.

Then, in an effort to get closer to her favorite sport, she picked up rugby. Camous began playing football in the fourth grade, and she played through her sophomore year of high school, when she said she was no longer tall enough to play defensive back.

“That was my actual passion, playing football,” said Camous. “I couldn’t defend the ball anymore because of the height difference, but I could make the tackles after, so once I found rugby it filled that football passion. That’s where all my tackling technique came from.”

Camous has only been playing rugby for a couple of years, but she’s already accomplished. She spent the summer playing 7s with Old Blue, under now Lindenwood coach Billy Nicholas, helping the New York team to a second-place finish at Club 7s Nationals.

The highlight package was cut together by Nicholas, and Camous hopes that in addition to a whole gaggle of likes, comments and friend requests, the newfound notoriety will help her land a job coaching.   

“I would love to play for as long as I can, but my ultimate goal is coaching. After this kind of blew up, I was hoping it would get my name out there for coaching,” said Camous, who has coached youth football.  

“Some of the kids I coached when they were in like third grade, now graduates and still in high school, they started reposting it, saying, like, ‘I can’t believe she was one of my coaches. She taught me how to tackle.’ It was pretty cool to see that happen, and so I want to kind of carry over and bolster my chances for more coaching, because that’s ultimately what I want to do.”

Camous still has at least one full semester of 7s standing between her and a coaching career. We’ve all seen what she does to things in her immediate path.  


It really isn't this site's m.o. to write humorous headlines, so it seems a bit incongruous and frustrating for a headline about a female rugby player to be a tit joke. The story is about dedicating herself to rugby, performing well, and looking to the future. Shouldn't be too hard to find a headline that doesn't send such a reductive message.
-1 reading this article, and headline, at no point did I make any connection to a boob joke.