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BYU and Cal scrum down in Varsity Cup final. Trev Mozingo photo

The college 15s season is done and dusted, with no more games left to help sort the final rankings. The top four is easy, below that, it gets a little tougher. BYU beat Cal and St. Mary's. Cal beat St. Mary's. St. Mary's beat Life. There's your inarguable top four.

No. five could be Central Washington or Davenport. Tough one to pick since they didn't play each other or have any common opponents, but we give the Wildcats the nod because they lost less and gave BYU an uncharacteristically tough game in the Varsity Cup semifinal. Then it's Davenport and Lindenwood, both of whom scored resoundingly lopsided wins over military academies in the D1A quarterfinals. 

There was a little shakeup throughout the rest of the Top 25, most of which is easily explained by the results of the early postseason rounds. DI-AA champion UC Davis breaks in at the bottom of the list. Falling out to make room is LSU, which played very little rugby over the last several months.  

RankPrev5/14/2015Recent Results
11BYUWon Varsity Cup
22Cal2nd Varsity Cup
33St. Mary'sWon D1A
44Life2nd D1A
55Central WashingtonVarsity Cup semifinalist
67DavenportD1A semifinalist
79LindenwoodD1A semifinalist
810UtahVarsity Cup/ D1A quarterfinalist
96ArmyD1A quarterfinalist
108NavyVarsity Cup semifinalist
1111ClemsonVarsity Cup quarterfinalist
1212UCLAVarsity Cup quarterfinalist
1313Arkansas StateVarsity Cup Rd. 16
1519DartmouthVarsity Cup 1st Rd.
1620Cal PolyD1A 1st Rd.
1716Penn StateD1A quarterfinalist
1817Wheeling JesuitD1A 1st Rd.
1914Colorado StateD1A 1st Rd.
2018Air ForceD1A quarterfinalist, Varsity Cup 1st Rd.
2220Arizona StateVarsity Cup 1st Rd.
2323San Diego State
2425Bowling Green
25UnrUC DavisWon DI-AA