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The 2015 SCRC All Conference awards for the fall 15s season have been announced. This year’s competition saw much improvement over the course of the season with some teams taking major steps forward in their performance. Overall the level of play was much improved and it showed in competitive matches from top to bottom. The conference would like to thank all teams, players, coaches, club sports administrators, referees, volunteers, and fans for making this year a success.

All Conference: First Team, Second Team and Honorable Mention awards were announced with 43 players from 10 schools making the list. See full list below.

2015 SCRC Player of the Year: Matt Schick - University of Alabama
Alabama’s Matt Schick has been named 2015 15’s SCRC Player of the Year. The senior #8 from Alabama had an outstanding season and was instrumental in Alabama's undefeated West Division Championship.

2015 SCRC 15s Coach of the Year: Marty Bradley - University of Tennessee
Coach Bradley has been named SCRC 15’s Coach of the Year. Coach Bradley and his staff led the Vols in a fantastic fall season that included an East Division Championship and a perfect 9-0 season. Coach Bradley, in his 19th season as a coach with the Volunteers, directed Tennessee back to the playoffs and was rewarded with the 2015 SCRC title.

SCRC First Team
Prop - Obum Imonugo (Georgia)
Hooker - Logan McNeil ( Tennessee)
Prop - Collin Thul (Tennessee)
Lock - Kerry Roberts (Tennessee)
Lock - Sam Brennan (South Carolina)
Flanker - Dan Corcoran (South Carolina)
Flanker - Caleb Canter (Kentucky)
#8 - Matt Schick (Alabama)
Scrumhalf - Brian Keown (South Carolina)
Flyhalf - Nick Duklewski (Tennessee)
Center - Ross Depperschmidt (Alabama)
Center - Dylan Turner (Mississippi)
Wing - James Whipper (South Carolina)
Wing - Andrew Sayers (Tennessee)
Fullback - Tim Hamill (South Carolina)

SCRC Second Team
Prop - Nathan Driggers (Georgia)
Hooker - Matthew Lund (Alabama)
Prop - Jake Murphy (Tennessee)
Lock - Jacob Matrella (Auburn)
Lock - Jack Donlon (Tennessee)
Flanker - Kyle Peterson (Kentucky)
Flanker - Zach Carmello (Alabama)
#8 - Mike Mahon (South Carolina)
Scrumhalf - Jordan Speights (Mississippi State)
Flyhalf - CJ Leadingham (Kentucky)
Center - Nick Magnella (Auburn)
Center - Ekene Ray Nkem (Vanderbilt)
Wing - Stephen Beckerle (Florida)
Wing - Terrance Matthews (Mississippi State)
Fullback - Naoki Kawahara (Alabama)

SCRC Honorable Mention
Ben Mathers (South Carolina)
James Davidson (Georgia)
Zach Mullineaux (South Carolina)
Brendan Follington (Tennessee)
Xavier May (Georgia)
Nichole Tomas (Mississippi)
Kyle Burnett (Florida)
Nick Magnella (Auburn)
Michael Rudzinsky (South Carolina)
Bobby Hughes (Tennessee)
Christain Harrell (South Carolina)
Omar McClendon (Mississippi State)
Nick Lewis (Kentucky)