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Amidst the tri-continental test match activity this week with Round Two of the European Six Nations Cup and also the American Rugby Championships, falling under the media radar is the second weekend of the European Nations Cup (ENC).

The ENC features Georgia, Romania, Spain, Portugal, Russia, and Germany in European Division 1A, playing each other in what is also termed Six Nations B.

Georgia is the undisputed powerhouse, winning eight of the last nine ENC championships (Romania the other winner), and dominating the division.

This year, Germany advanced from a lower division, replacing Belgium, which was relegated.

Last week in the opening round Georgia defeated pesky Spain 22-20, Romania beat Germany 39-14, and Russia crushed Portugal 59-7.

There has been some discussion to add Georgia and Romania to the Six Nations Championship, taking the league to eight teams, and increasing the length of the season by two more games. The move would also add an additional television match each weekend of play, and, of course, more revenue for this event. Finally, it would be a boon to rugby in Georgia and Romania if these sides played the higher-ranking European teams regularly each year.