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The Austin Huns have plans to turn create a professional rugby organization, with a rugby-specific complex and a youth component, and Todd Clever has signed on to assist in the effort. He will serve as a co-owner and strategic partner. The Huns Rugby Management will serve as the for-profit arm, while the Huns Rugby Football Club will continue on as a non-profit.

"It's the perfect time to launch a professional rugby team," says Richard Osborn, president of Huns Rugby Management. "We are observing the awakening of rugby in the United States, and it is our hope that we will be on the leading edge of developing a model for professional rugby with the traditional tiered club structure that is common in rugby loving countries around the world."

The Huns' new complex is slated to be constructed on the club's current site, replete with a stadium, proper facilities for players and a development academy. 

“I’m really excited about the project in Austin. From youth development to an elite structure, I know I can make a difference and am happy to bring my experience to the table." said Todd Clever. "This is not a retirement from my playing career. I still have the burning urge to compete, but I understand You can't play professional rugby forever and this opportunity to partner with the Huns is ideal for my transition from playing to the administrative side of things. I'm looking forward to bringing the knowledge that I have from my 10+ years of overseas professional rugby."